Peru Biodynamic La Chacra D'Dago


March 11, 2017

| By Savannah Phillips | Last month, Greg published the blog “What is Biodynamic Coffee” highlighting this specialized method of farming typically found in the wine industry and other agricultures. It’s now becoming more common for growing coffee as well; integrating typical organic methods while also viewing all parts of the farm as being interconnected […]

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Coffee Farm

Five Tips To Be A More Eco-Friendly Coffee Drinker

February 23, 2017

| By Laurie Britton | Coffee production around the globe is massive. It’s one of the most widely-traded commodities in the world—with tens of billions of pounds produced annually in over 50 countries. This makes it very difficult to be a completely environmentally-friendly industry; just think of how much fossil fuels are burned simply transporting […]

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Savannah Coffee Champs cover

My First Experience Competing at CoffeeChamps

February 21, 2017

| By Savannah Phillips | I’ve been trying to compete at CoffeeChamps ever since I became a Level II Certified Barista. For those of you who know me, working in the coffee industry is one of my biggest passions in life, so being able to compete to not only represent Cafe Virtuoso and what we […]

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Cesar explains their pulp dried process

What is Certified Biodynamic Coffee?

February 10, 2017

| By Greg Luli | Café Virtuoso soon will introduce a Peru single origin coffee that is certified Biodynamic. Although, this certification is more common in other agricultural products, such as wine, it is much less common in coffee. In fact, this coffee is from the only certified Biodynamic farm in Peru. Biodynamic agricultural practices […]

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How to Make “Cowboy Cold Brew” Coffee at Home in a French Press

January 26, 2017

| By Savannah Phillips | Cold brew coffee has been around in various forms for many years. An article in the Guardian titled “Coffee: how cold-brew became the hot new thing,” noted that the origin likely began with Dutch traders in the 1600s, who developed it as a way of producing large quantities of portable […]

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Golden Cup Standard

Brewing Coffee Following The “Golden Cup Standard”

January 20, 2017

| By Rigo Hernandez | Having really high-quality specialty coffee beans is only half the battle in the process of making an amazing cup of coffee. Assuming the coffee ready to be brewed is optimally roasted in a way that brings out its natural flavor profile, there are still any number of mistakes someone can […]

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Ethiopia Oromia Guji Hambela

New Coffee: Ethiopia Oromia “Guji Hambela”

January 11, 2017

| By Savannah Phillips | Our newest coffee from Ethiopia has just arrived! We’ve been busy dialing in the roast all week and it will be available in the cafe and in our online store starting this Friday, January 13. Guji Hambela is a fully-washed coffee with an approximately 18 hour ferment time that yields […]

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What Exactly is Kombucha and Why Everyone is Drinking It?

December 29, 2016

| By Greg Luli | You’ve probably noticed over the last year or so kombucha has exploded onto grocery shelves everywhere as well as on tap next to your favorite craft beer. In fact, we also just started offering it fresh on tap here at Cafe Virtuoso. While many people know about kombucha, it’s still […]

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2016 Cafe Virtuoso Holiday Gift Guide

December 17, 2016

| By Laurie Britton | The holidays are here, and as I’ve mentioned before, that makes me very happy! If you and your loved ones are like me and are huge coffee and tea fanatics, as well as enjoy Cafe Virtuoso, we have some great new products just in time for holiday shopping. Take a […]

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Better Coffee Through Technology Part 1 – Roasting

December 8, 2016

| By Savannah Phillips | Advances in technology, for the most part, tend to significantly help us in many aspects of our lives by making tasks easier to complete, adding convenience, bringing the world together through faster connections and communication and countless other advantages. The same holds true for leveraging the latest technology in the coffee […]

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