Costa Rica Perla Negra: Natural Processed Coffees

January 18, 2016

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The Perla Negra is a full Natural Processed coffee dried on Raised beds from the central valley region of Costa Rica. This coffee is 100% of the Caturra varietal and is grown between 1500-1750 meters. With the uniqueness of this cup you will find a hints of cherry and raspberry upfront, with subtle undertones of honey and caramel. The body on this coffee is very smooth with a clean lingering finish of chocolate and sugar cane like sweetness. This coffee is a very delicate and complex cup.

The following are a few of the flavors to be expected in the cup. Enjoy the cup as it cools and savor these flavors til the last drop!

Dark chocolate copy


As a single origin espresso this coffee really shines, you get hints of dates, cherry and vanilla, with a lingering bittersweet chocolate, and caramel undertones in the finish.

Cherries copy



Coffee Review gave us a 92 on this coffee. Big, fruit- and floral-toned. Dark chocolate, black cherry, hazelnut, musky lily, a hint of rye whisky in aroma and cup. Round, resonant acidity; syrupy mouthfeel. Lily and chocolate carry into a deep finish.

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This holiday, bring something that will wow the in-laws, and is sure to please all your guests. This coffee is a candid reminder of just how decadent the holidays can be when you want to please and impress a variety of palettes. We love it as a Chemex as well as on espresso and as a Hario V60. Cheers!

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